GPS Asset Tracking

Tracking of Cash, Personnel, ATM’s, Jewellery, Pharmaceuticals and high value items.

Fully protecting people and assets means using the latest and most innovative technologies. To meet this need, Hud Security has partnered with leading US and European tracking company, 3SI, to offer industry leading and proven state-of-the-art tracking products
Satellite Tracking

The 3SI satellite tracking technology tool enables our customers to easily recover the stolen cash and valuables by quickly providing the accurate location of the criminal, stolen cash or object.


PeopleTrack provides comfort to persons by providing accurate information about a person’s location during an emergency situation.


AtmTrack is designed to track an ATM or Safe that has been smashed from its mounting and loaded onto a vehicle. Web based software allows monitoring staff to pinpoint its movements and final destination


CashTrack enhances the safety of cash handling operations by using sophisticated tracking technology.

By using CashTrack the exact location of the cash and robber can be tracked.
3SI’s CashTrack has proven to be very effective – leading to apprehension of the criminals in 70% of the cases and return of the cash in 87% of the cases.


MultiTrack tracks vehicles, pharmacuticals, jewellrey, high-value assets, or any other object.  This ready-to-go, easy-to-use device can be quickly and covertly attached to, or hidden in, any object for instant tracking protection.

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